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The objectives of this project aims to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Chinese culture through various forms of digital marketing and promotion , reaching out to a global audience and promoting tourism in cultural destinations and events. The ultimate goal is to enhance the international reputation of China as a cultural powerhouse and encourage cultural exchanges between China and the world

Explore Chinese cultural tourism in five major series and explore this land where tradition and modernity perfectly blend.

Explore the roots of Chinese ancient civilization

Connect the audiences to long-standing traditions that are the foundation of Chinese society through immersive storytelling.

Local Food
Witness the diversity of Chinese cuisine

From spicy Sichuan food to slightly sweet Cantonese dim sum, viewers can taste the various flavours in China.

Show casing the diverse scenery of China

To introduces famous landmark spots and unknown natural wonders, allowing the audience to appreciate China's tranquil and magnificent scenery.

Modern Life
Explore the innovation of urban lifestyle

Gain an in-depth understanding of the daily life of Chinese people and the unique characteristics of each city cultural scene.

Travel and cultural immersive experiences

Showcasing immersive experiences ranging from virtual reality tours of historical sites to eco-friendly tourism initiatives in rural areas.

Your Own Route
Prioritize your interests and preferences

You can tailor your travel route to include the destinations and activities that resonate with you the most, ensuring a more personalized and fulfilling travel experience in China.

The Wanderlust China Cultural Project offers a range of services to both China and overseas audiences. Here are the main services:

  1. Cultural Promotion: The project aims to promote and disseminate the rich cultural heritage of China to overseas audiences. This involves showcasing various aspects of Chinese culture, including traditions , festivals, art, music, cuisine, historical landmarks, and more.
  2. Tourism Promotion: The project promotes tourism in China by showcasing various destinations and events. This includes highlighting both popular and hidden places in China that are unique and offer an authentic cultural experience.
  3. Digital Marketing and Promotion :The project uses digital channels such as social media, websites, and online platforms to reach a global audience. This involves creating content, such as videos , photos, blogs, and social media posts, that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Chinese culture and tourism destinations.
  4. Cultural Exchange Programs: The project organizes cultural exchange programs that bring together people from China and overseas to experience each other's cultures. This involves collaborations with organizations, influencers, and travel agencies to facilitate these exchanges.